Essential Oil Products by DIVINE SCENT

DIVINE SCENT was founded by my daughter Yesenia Von Travis. On December 2, 2017 she decided to go into partnership with me and offer my clients and the public essential oil products. That same day she requested a business loan from me to purchase the materials to make her first two products!!! Two SCENT NECKLACES were created!!! 

Sidenote: We've just discovered that these SCENT NECKLACES make amazing car air freshners as well!!!

These necklaces are handmade and uniquely designed by her. The pendant is made out of clay in order to be able to be infused with essential oils. The hemp cord is tied with adjustable knots so you can adjust the length of the necklace. These necklaces serve as an on the go aromatherapy so you can reap the benefits of essential oils all day long!!! Not only will you be wearing a uniquely made piece but you’ll be feeling and smelling DIVINE!!!

You can pick-up your order within 5 days of order at Divine Touch Massage Therapy. You'll receive a call when your order is ready. We can deliver to Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Nolanville, Belton and Temple for an extra $3.00 delivery fee. If you're out of state a shipping fee will be added to your order (shipping costs vary depending on location and or amount being delivered).

Choose your design: Butterflies, Hearts, Owls, Stars or Crowns. (If you want a specific design ask and we will see if we can find a stamp for it.) We can also find some designs for males. Everyone can benefit from these SCENT NECKLACES.

***Just for the month of DECEMBER you get to choose the color of the pendant as well. (If the color you are requesting is not available we will call you back to offer other options).***

These will be made only in the natural clay colors of beige and brown starting in January.

Choose one essential oil for your pendant to be infused in.

Essential oils available at this time: Grapefruit, Silver Fir, Clary Sage, Lemon, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Patchouli and Lavender.


Click on Menu then click on Contact Me and enter your contact information for any inquiries and/or to place your order. I will have Yesenia Von Travis call you back to answer your inquiries and to confirm your order within 24 hours (I will be with her to assist if needed).

Preorders/Prepayments Only. Products are made as they are ordered which will preserve the freshness of the products.

$10.00 each or $16.00 for two

3 or more are only $5.00 each!!!

***The more you buy the more you'll save...get all of your Christmas Shopping done here!!!***

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